Our core business is parallel import of medicine and medical products from EU-countries into Esbjerg, Denmark where we have our repacking-facilities. We deliver our products to pharmacies and Hospitals in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

We have more than 500 active products, app. 100 mio. euro turnover and a team of 44 employees in Denmark. We are a team of highly qualified people with high potential and great talent. Since we are a flat organization we are able to react quickly to the changes in our market and to monitor it closely. We do our best to avoid backorders and we closely monitor the deliveries.

Our team has a high flexibility and a short reaction time due to our team spirit, where everyone can and will help each other in achieving company goals.

As a company we have a long list of values, the most important ones being quality, dynamism, respect, growth, flexibility and positive attitude.

You can download our WDL, GDP or GMP licenses at the front page of the website.