parallel import

Parallel import

Our Parallel Import activity is based on the free movement of products within the EU.

We purchase medicines and pharmaceutical products from authorized wholesalers from all EU countries, and repack them mainly for the Danish, German and Swedish markets.

In Denmark we deliver to ALL the Danish pharmacies, through the established, two full line wholesalers, and directly to ALL the hospitals.

We work with a range of products (around 600 active products at the moment), so we can follow and monitor them in a proper and professional way. Our aim is to introduce new products when the supply chain for the existing ones is under control.

We have run some test introductions in other European countries, and we strongly believe that in a couple of years we are also significantly present in other markets.

Parallel Import in Denmark has the highest market penetration in Europe, amounting 24% of the pharmacies and 8% of the hospitals.